#LetMeLearn "Look Them Up"

Education Rights

Technology-based learning is fun. But for a country with an unequal economy like Indonesia, it's complicated. Not all students have these opportunities. They cannot use technology wisely for their learning process. They have a tendency to use the facilities they have just for entertainment.

Learning is not only about technological developments, but the most important thing is student progress. It is about how much the student can accept the given knowledge. This is also related to the increase in students' interest in learning. Don't create a system that puts too much pressure on students in many areas. If a lot of ambition is put on the student's shoulders, then they will be screwed. But this also doesn't mean letting them figure it out on their own without giving directions. I found this case around me. Instead of letting students learn independently, the students actually feel confused. They can't understand well.

In fact, we cannot assume that all teachers have the same passion for teaching or that all students have the same passion for learning. Of course, the system could push that a bit. However, what is needed more is a real presence. So support is not only material or something written on a paper, but also moral, such as direction or help. In this case, all parties should pay more attention. As long as everyone does their best, then the goal will be achieved.

This is one small case of a suburban area. But isn't this something to pay attention to? Starting from a small thing and taking it into consideration for a big movement. I think this is also the goal of the #LetMeLearn campaign. But maybe a more appropriate hashtag would be #LetThemLearn.

Yanma, Indonesia, 22


This blog was submitted as part of the #LetMeLearn campaign special call for entries.