Let's become simple

A mother and her teenage girl sitting face to face on a sofa. Both of them are  using their smartphone.

Sometimes I think that our generation is so complicated compared with previous generations. Especially the children and teens. What a complicated life we lead! I don’t know about other countries, but in my country, the previous generation had a less complicated childhood. In my eyes.

Often my parents tell me the stories of their childhood. The children of that generation climbed trees, played a lot of outdoor games which are unfamiliar for us now, laughed with their cousins and friends, fought with others, got wet in rain, covered with mud and sand, stole fruits and often got punished by their parents. They waited for a whole week to watch a television series together with their parents. For the ones who lived with grandparents, listening to stories from grandparents was another fun event. They enjoyed their childhood fully. This was rural children's childhood. Even the urban children led a simple but happy childhood. They befriended mostly with their neighbour's children, played with them or they went to playgrounds. School was a great place of entertainment for those children. They played as much as they wanted in school playground. They did 'criminal acts' with their friends, and had a lot of fun, even though sometimes got punished by teachers and parents. They never lacked friendship. I am not telling that they walked on a flowery path. They did walked in a bumpy road. I am telling that they were simple. They fought with each other and became friends the next minute. At least they were happy. They had sound sleep at night.

And what kind of life we are living right now? Many of us are deprived of our parents. Our parents don’t have time for us and we don't have time for them. We can't make friendship so easily. Society is forcing us to be perfect and perfectionists from a very early age. And we are hateful towards the ones who are imperfect. Some of us are even hating ourselves. We can't even find true friendship and true love. We are learning to decive others. We are learning to be polished. We are forced to be an adult from our childhood. We are living in worries when our life was supposed to be with no worries. Our parents are also sick with worries. They cannot let us to move freely for our own safety. We can't get wet in the rain and get covered in the mud anymore. We are becoming lonely and lonelier. Our world has shrunked. Depression is spreading like a pandemic. Our nights are sleepless. Family bond, social bond, friendship bond- every bond is being loosened. We are so far away from nature. We can't take our eyes away from screen of digital devices. We are becoming distant and isolated. Our environment is polluted, both social and natural. Our childhood and puberty is becoming ruined.

But still, we can find happiness in our own way. We should hold on to the things which are really important - ourselves, family, friendship, dreams, hope, religion. Religion is something which takes us to the right path and promotes to make the world a better and peaceful place. We should take care of us and take care of our relationship. We should take ourselves closer to nature, because it is something that's always pure. Look at the sky. Inhale fresh air. We should love ourselves and share love. Because love is the bond which has tied the world all together from the time the earth was created. We should respect others and create room for others. We should make friendship and be sincere towards all. Above all, we should think simply. Let's be simple. Simple like a child. Never worry. Swallow your worries and fears. It will help a lot. Cherish the child inside of you. We can do it. We will make the world a better place for us.