Let's Bloom to Be Kind

Teacher and children sharing a transparent and healthy relation
Let children bloom to be kind inspired by the kindness of people around them.

Kindness is contagious, and this blog post is about an incident from my childhood when I felt included.

When I was eleven years old, a string of disturbing events and traumas from a troubled childhood pushed me into depression, a phase of lost confidence, and silence. I no longer performed well academically or interacted actively with friends and people. That's when one of my teachers noticed there was something wrong that needed to be addressed. She talked with me and my parents about my situation and motivated me to get professional help.

She helped me cope with academics and the school environment. The school was again a better place to be in. She encouraged me to portray my thoughts in journals and poems, and made me enroll in oratory activities to help me regain my lost confidence and personality.

Children learn values from the people around them. I am grateful to my teacher for acknowledging my mental health issues and making me feel included. She helped me learn kindness and the importance of good mental health.

If every child blooms to be kind, the world will be painted in the hues of peace.

Happy World Children's Day!

#IFeltIncluded #WorldChildrensDay

Adyasha, 19, India.

"If every child blooms to be kind, the world will be painted in the hues of peace."
-Adyasha, 19, India