Let’s keep our mentality healthy

Little girl and the landscape
This photo does not belong to me but in my eyes i can see a little girl opening the “door of nature”. Huge credits goes to the owner of the photo.

I have seen a lot of people having hard times during this pandemic period. I just want to say please take good care of your mental health because it is so important to have a healthy mentality to become a strong person.

If you feel lonely try to be a social person try to be friends with others on social media so you can learn about other cultures and their lifestyle. 

If you feel lazy tell yourself not to be and do something you love; for me it’s writing a poetry, reading a book, learning about other cultures & history, drawing, painting, playing my ukulele and waking in nature. 

If you feel down listen to your favourite songs or learn something new that you never learned before, it’s always fun to learn new things. 

If you miss your family or friends video chat with them & talk regularly that’s the new way of feeling that you are next to them.

I hope this helped some people and let them change their mind of doing something rather than nothing to have a fresh healthy mentality. Stay safe and healthy everyone! :)