Lets learn our lessons from the garden


Walk into the garden of dreams

of love, compassion, hope, and glee

look at the flowers bloom on weathered earth

spreading their pleasant aroma everywhere around

enormous trees trying to touch the sky

their roots digging below for the meaning of life

squirrels and rabbits run curiously around

quite restless even in their cozy little burrows 

route the little birds soaring over the sky

free enough to look at the world from the top

listen to the humming bees rambling happily

wearing an immense amount of confidence

observe the calmness of the frogs

the patience they exhibit while preying

smile at the butterflies flocking around merrily

wearing their colorful robes of ambitions

watch the reptile crawl into their homes

to think and learn in solitude

try marching with the army of ants

unitedly working day and night

see the fireflies glow in the blackout of the sky

providing a virtuous vivid light of hope