Let's work together.

A better world

We are living in a world where the end of suffering is unpredictable. It's already 2021, nine more years remaining before we get to 2030. Despite our vision to achieve a sustainable world,  there's still under-development in sub-Saharan Africa.

We Africans need to realize that running away from our country to a well-developed nation isn't the solution. We want to run away from our problems, but we don't understand that every successful place/person utilised hard work and time to achieve their current position.

Yes, I love the developed world, who doesn't? However, I love my country more. Yes, our politicians are corrupt, but I believe that there's still a way out, If we can all come together as one voice to speak up for what is right, and also keep aside our religious and tribal bigotry, then Africa will be a better place to live. Let us work together to achieve a sustainable world. 

I believe that the governments are working poorly because they know we are not unified, and they know that we can't stand up to make a change.

If you want a change, then join Prekeazu Foundation and be the voice of Africa. Prekeazu Foundation is a youth-led non-profit organization in Nigeria which aims to promote education, health and youth engagement.