A letter to Myself


To the younger me,

I'm not sure whether you've ever wanted guidance from an older version of yourself before making choices. Even though you did not desire them, the following words of wisdom are for you.

To the one I was 15 years ago,

You're fortunate to have a lovely family and a great group of cousins. Enjoy every second that you spend with your family. You will miss these moments every single day. Everyone will go far in the race of life searching for something that may or may not be worthwhile.

Getting bullied is difficult, and it is worse when a culture lacks a bully notion. when bullying is considered amusing. But don't worry, this phase will pass, and you'll meet wonderful people who will become family. Do not think that in order to fit in with the group, you must copy what everyone else does. Keep being outgoing and considerate, you are complete on your own. Despite the fact that some people stop playing with toys because it makes them feel "lame," keep doing it. Play cricket, badminton, or any other sport you choose, one day your team will be full of players. Play and mix with everyone, poor, rich, Hindu, Muslim, good or bad, never discriminate. You'll learn a lot by doing so. Keep in mind that your parents are there for you. You're off to a fantastic start.

To the person I was 10 years ago,

don't stress about dating girls, don't take the same road as others. It's okay that you developed a guarded demeanor, sometimes it's best to just watch and listen. You will spend more time reading than you ever will because books are amazing. Don't worry about the bullies, you'll one day show them wrong. Do not doubt your abilities. Do your own research, do not get influenced by anyone simply. This is the time you need to build a solid mentality so that in the future nothing negative can influence you easily. This is the time you work on your ethics and ideology. I repeat future is confusing! But trust me You are on a clear route.

To the one I was 5 years ago,

It's not the end of the world if you couldn’t achieve the best grade in 12th. Family will be there to encourage you in standing up. It will be exhilarating to take little steps toward freedom, but don’t misuse your freedom. You will be heading toward an amazing journey, a fascinating and life-changing journey, but please take time to try and process everything. In terms of your future goals, you are on the proper path!

To the one I was yesterday,

Remain receptive to yourself. Every now and then, review your notes in your head. In the last 2 months, you've felt older than you have in the previous three years. Keep in mind not to compare yourself against others. Maintain the beneficial routines you have previously abandoned. Remember your priorities. Even if the journey is still lengthy, it is worthwhile. Failure and depression are inevitable parts of the path. Be accepting of failure and rejection in the future. Each of them will build a better version of you. Listen to everyone, but just don’t simply apply what you listen. Assess, examine, comprehend, and then apply. Don't become a slave to the materialistic world. life is beautiful treasure each moment, when you laugh, laugh full of joy, and when you cry, cry with delight. Respect time, Remember as the writer of atomic habits says “if you fuel it, it will be your ally, if you don’t fuel it, it will be your enemy. Don’t criticize yourself nor others, its hard but bit by bit if you try it will be your habit. Criticism corrupts a person from the inside and fills him with negative energy. Remember you can’t make everyone satisfied, don’t kill your ambitions and dreams just to satisfy others. I know you’re confused, I know you’re struggling but it is just a part of the journey. No one has achieved something good without being confused and struggling. Be patient and keep trying. Accept regrets! Learn from it. Don’t just survive, live. Keep the kid inside you alive. Just for the sake of being an adult don’t kill the happy child version of yourself. Embrace yourself for an unknown and exciting journey ahead. To the future me, Both on the inside and the outside, you appear quite different now. You probably did not anticipate things to work out this way. I am aware that I owe you a lot of the wishes and commitments that you made to yourself along the road. I am aware that I still need to take you to new locations. I assure you that I will keep going while never losing sight of you.

To the person,

I was, I’m and I will be.