Letter from sky

This is for mother's day from the sky

Hello, my beautiful mom, I wanted to say happy mother's day I wish I was with you, 

I was preparing all week for this day but I don't know what happened or what I have done that I couldn't celebrate this day with you, ,I really wanted to celebrate this day with you and hug you and say how much I love you,  my beautiful mom thanks for all the things you have done for me, Thanks for all those nights that you didn't sleep because of me thanks for all those amazing days of your life which you sacrificed for me thank you so much for showing me the world with its beauty 

Thank you so much for all the beautiful memories and experiences you made even though they were short. Mom sky is beautiful unlike any other time I can fly here but I am not happy I missed you so much. I am more sorry  because I couldn't reach those promises I have given to you 

The starring Castle on the hill, traveling the world and wearing doctor’s clothes. 

Mom I am not with but my soul will be always with you.

Please you have to be  stronger than any other time ,You have to live in order I become immoral. My mom my heaven I love you so much I wish words could describe how much I love you ❤️ 

From seven heaven happy mother's day

May be dreams die but memories will always remain . 

Muzhda Akbari