A letter to the Year 2020; the COVID-19 Cryfest

A letter to the Year 2020

Dear 2020,

We all grew up didn't we? The start of a new millennium seemed like a great idea; well until it didn't. The mere objective that new beginnings were going to be worth the pain endured in the past year were shattered the moment we comprehended that the past is never a problem, because it indeed, has passed.

The wise men of the universe say ‘it is until you perceive how the little things in life matter’ and you, 2020, became the smallest big thing in the lives of more than six million people in the world. You came with a surprise and somehow are turning into a ghost that haunts every single person that ever reached out to you. You see, you never fulfilled our expectations and you never really became the friend we needed. 

But I see through your facade. I see the real you. I know why you're here the way you are. You had a point to prove. You wanted the whole universe to know what power, one little thing in life can possess. You barely made an effort to make everyone realize how the present is all we have got; we are all on pause and yet life still goes on. 

I say to you though, press the play button, we have been still for way too long.


The one who lives.