LGBT+ Mental and Physical Health

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It's 2003 in England, Section 28 has been repelled. It's 2018, I'm in Sex Education and I am still in the closet. We discuss the use of condoms and contraception. We discuss opposite-sex relationships. It's halfway through the lesson, we discuss words which can be offensive it randomly comes up on my table, someone says f*g. I stay quiet. It's coming to the end of the lesson, and we haven't mentioned anything about same-sex relationships. 

I occasionally hear a comment saying something along the lines that gay people are unhealthy or that spread diseases. These comments simply aren't true. The only reason HIV/AID's is so high in the LGBT+ Community is because of the lack of education about it. 

Countries need to do more to protect their LGBT+ students even if it involves the bedroom department, because it can and will save lives. We need education. 

"HIV is a Virus. Stigma isn't. And one has a cure already."