Life does not stop here

pink flowers

When we first come to life and look into our mother's warm and honest eyes, we feel like our path in life will be safe and full of joy, hopes and little pain; but after we grow up, we realize that life is a constant battle, everything seems to be far more complicated.

It all starts with choices that come with the fear of failure, those moments in life when we feel like our souls are withdrawn, facing life's darkest corners and hiding behind shadows. We pause everything, finding ourselves staring into vacancy again and again, wishing for something to happen. Everything seems to be stagnating to the point where we think that it was predetermined by destiny to have our souls swallowed by pain. What's even more tiring and disturbing is that we don't understand the reasons and the purpose of our struggles and this is where people tend to start giving up.

Imagine yourself wandering among stars, lost between the clouds and its scars, whose tiny pure drops of rain, flow in the air struggling in vain. That feeling of confusion and mixed thoughts, of words left untold, dipped in sorrow, killing our senses. The feeling of living an imaginary life, acting like there is no tomorrow, living with the impression that life's decline will linger forever. Though all this feels so challenging and exhausting, deep down, we might know that eventually we will have to come up against it.

Once we get trapped, we let ourselves be caught by fear, creating barriers that hold us back from reality, refusing to believe in our powers. It's all about our inner being and the choice of getting out of the deadlock, leading us to scale mountains of obstacles that in the end, we need to overturn.

We all try to transmit to people that we once loved, that our lives were once bright, but we suffered, that we made mistakes and wrong choices to fill the voids that led to setbacks. After all, life's about taking chances, keeping patience, making choices and having the experience and mainly, the will. We have to learn when to end certain chapters and defeat the battle, even though we will keep looking back, asking ourselves whether it will ever be the same again, whether we will have to walk away in pain and choose to run and hide, living in regrets.

Get up, gather the broken shards and live your dreams. Remember that each one of us is a protagonist in life and sometimes the spectator to our own destruction. We have to change our perspectives and appreciate each event that strikes us, no matter how small and vulnerable it might make us feel. Learn to offer without expecting something in return because nothing can hurt more than delusions. Choose to care and rise, learn to appreciate the ones surrounding you and value the ones who deserve it. What's more important, never take someone who invested in you, for granted.