Live Life to the fullest

Laugh thoes frown lines away

Live life and live it to the fullest!!! This statement is the most overused yet motivational line that is used in the 20th century of life. It has been used so much that it lost its value, its significance that it’s just that a statement that is used with the hope that it will bring someone some light, some energy, something for people to feed on, to read on . This is more than a statement its a feeling that cant truly be described.

BUT I am here to say that this statement is…..well…. actually… true. I know this because I’ve experienced it…I actually felt it and lived it.

I was in Florida on a Girls Trip; for the most part it was an amazing trip, we went to  Disney, dinner had a huge fight, went to the beach to rekindle our friendship but it was when we went to downtown Orlando Universal that’s when I realized that I’ve been doing this all wrong, that I’ve been living all wrong  (not to say that I was living terribly or anything) but it was a really an eye opener.

We went to a club and I danced… I danced good, weird in between the two and the truth of the matter was that I didn’t care. WELL I didn’t care because 1. I don’t live in Florida and 2. the people there will never ever see me again.

It was such an invigorating feeling that I couldn’t describe but I knew I didn’t want that feeling to end. I wanted to live without thinking about who’s watching. It was the last night that we would spend together us girls before we went back to the real world, where jobs, school and responsibilities would pull us back into the hypnosis of what man made our lives to be.

What if today was your last day? What different would you do and no I’m not speaking about eating a tub of ice-cream (although that would be a great thing to do). BUT what different would you do? Would you tell that guy at work that he’s  cute? or  would you talk to your father who never got you, like really got you? Or would you quit your six figure job to pick up knitting?

Sure this is easier said than done, of course there are many different repercussions… The guy at work may be gay, or taken or may just not like you, your dad may still be a stubborn old man and you’d probably need that job to pay off student loans.

But I’m speaking of the last day of your life…everyday of your life ….everyday=last day. Okay maybe paying off school loans is important… very important. Okay we should keep the job… but that doesn’t mean you can't be the best knitter ever known at night and the weekends!!!

What I’m offering is not a whimsical dream but it's an opportunity to truly discover yourself with no constraints of “WHAT IFS”.

If you tell him that he’s cute, what’s the worst that could happen? He doesn’t like you back? We constantly live life thinking about frivolous things that people think that hampers our own happiness!! Why we do it?

I don’t know, perhaps it was taught to us, perhaps we like the approval of others or we just cant see an our own identity outside of someone else’s own.

Whatever the reason it is, we should not hamper who we are to fit into the scope of what a few if any can understand. Look at Einstein, Steve jobs and those other remarkable people. They didn’t let the no’s throw then down, they don’t stay down by the words that was hurdled at them. 

Did they know that they would be Right? Famous? Inspirational? Probably not. But they knew where they wanted to be and where they wanted to be was not going to be hampered by “what ifs’ but WHAT IF’S- WHAT IF I SUCCEED, WHAT IF this can be the new program that the age of technology can use, what if there was a social media that gathers family and friends together to share media etc….

These were people who lived life to the fullest!! Sure they had regrets and made mistakes and made really dumb decisions! But they didn’t dwell on it, they used it propel them to where they wanted to go Live life to the fullest as long as it doesn’t infringe upon and harm those around you.

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