Living Locked Up

This is my artwork.
This artwork is a depiction of myself after the lock-down. I'm breathing the outer fresh air and taking off the mask and gloves. This symbolizes almost everyone after lock-down. After this is over, our freedom won't be held back by masks and gloves. But for all this to happen, we must have patience. For now, let's all wait patiently as the more impatience we have, the more longer the time seems.

I take a look from the inside,

Nobody in sight,

I miss seeing crowds,

And being a part of them,

I cannot stand it, I think,

When will this go away?

When can I say, "hurray!"?

I want to walk on a ground,

That is not my home's,

But I must hang in there,

Hold my horses,

As I die of boredom,

People are dying of the virus,

Heroes like doctors and other workers,

Are putting their lives on the line,

And for what?

So I complain about staying home,

Many don't have one,

I sigh foolishly in despair,

While life is being unfair,

To loved ones of the deceased,

Their flesh and blood are being seized,

While I complain about life being unfair,

Many are now in God's lair,

Buried underground,

Lifeless, unsound,

Warmth lost from their skin,

How ungrateful have I been?


Let us all be grateful that we are breathing amidst this disaster. Numerous lost their breaths, but we are breathing when they should have been too. So let's hang in there and not fall into the pit of despair.
If there is anything anyone can learn from this pandemic, it is the power of patience. Patience is what has enabled us to endure months of being confined to our homes.