Looking back on lockdown days

Girl looking outside the window

Lately, I have been thinking about the lockdown days a lot.

My life was going on, going to school, feeling lonely, coming back home, studying – my life was like that. Repetition of the same tiring routine everyday.

But then, the lockdown started. Staying at home all day didn't sound boring at all. It felt like a blessing. Today, looking back on those days, I still feel like that.

Staying at home

Lockdown was like a door to another world to me. When the door opened, I saw a different world. A life different than the one we usually lived. And now even if the door is closed, so many things are still with me. And many of them will be revealed when the time is right.

My life was trapped in school, friends, and family. In the lockdown, I realized that real life is actually much different than the life I lived. Life is much more than that. I started to discover myself little by little. Who I am, what I am passionate about, what my personality is – I learned about them gradually. I learned to take care of myself in lockdown. I still remember planning what to do throughout the day, trying to follow morning routines found in self-care apps, and ending up failing. I started taking naps in lockdown. Naps were like a process of resetting myself for the other half of the day. It felt like I finally got to live a life like adults do. It gave me a sense of freedom.

I have learned to live my life. I realized that merely studying all day or spending most of your time on the phone or television is not living. Living is different. I became more mature in lockdown days than I had been my entire life.

In the lockdown, the so-called important things that kept us busy were filtered out and only the things that were truly important were left.

Girl looking outside a glass

There were also bad days. Before lockdown, I didn’t get to spend so much time with my family, but in lockdown I spent 24 hours with family members except for parents, especially with my younger sister. As a result, we got into fights and conflicts almost every now and then. But finally, we got to understand each other a bit more.

Now as the busy life tries to suffocate me again, I am missing those days. I still cherish the lessons that lockdown taught me. I won’t be the same again.

Lockdown was a great opportunity for me, to dream and to know myself, to bloom fully. Our young generation, The Welcome Generation according to BTS, is an incredibly powerful generation. Once they are free from studying and tiring schedules, their true potentials will be revealed. I saw this in myself.