Losing Your Mind

A picture.

Those days you relished

Have now perished

Demons feed on the wounds

Of your head

And laugh at the dread

Those scars you hide

The weight you carry inside

Is where all demons hide

Feeding away at your inner child

The part you most reviled

They scream at the sound of silence

And ignore your defiance

You let out a scream

While the demons scheme

You hear the joy within you perishing

And the demons relishing

Eating away the sublimity

And disrupting the serenity

"Help!", you scream

While the demons lips' salivate

And your head slowly disintegrates

Until the humanity in you fades

Within you, there is no mind

Your demons aligned

And made you one of them

You will make all bow

You're lost in time

The clocks chime

You've dealt with the blues

You've got nothing more to lose



We become one of our demons if there is nobody there for us. But the difference is, we are not inside our heads. Please be there for someone having a hard time as loneliness can mess up the mind.