The magical moment

Mother and child

What is a mother? A mother is someone who gives birth to us, loves us, nurtures us, takes care of us, protects us, and brings us up in the most patient and gentle way possible. Someone who makes sacrifices for us her whole life. No matter how the child may be, for a mother, they are the best child in the entire world and the twinkle of her eye. A woman does not only care for the child after they are born, but since the time that they start to grow inside her womb. Women have been blessed with a super power to give birth to a new life; their emotional and physical strength is incomparable to any. However, for many woman, giving birth is not just a physiological process, but a life changing event.

Every day we hear about babies being born around us, but today I had the opportunity to actually see a baby being born before my eyes. When I was entering the delivery room, I had my apprehensions. I did not know how well I would take the whole scene; I could have fainted or simply run out of the room mid-way. However, I just knew that I wanted to witness this beautiful creation by God, so I did. The one hour that I was inside that room, I had forgotten that this was a part of my course curriculum. All I could see at that time was a lady in front of me who was going to be a mother, going through a number of mixed emotions, a feeling that no other person can explain but the one experiencing it. In that moment, I was no longer standing there as a student, but as another woman. All my apprehensions vanished when I saw how natural and beautiful the whole process is, how a woman struggles through a degree of pain that you and I cannot even begin to imagine, to bring out this tiny human being into the world. However, any level of pain is worth it for her child to come out normally and safely. During the delivery process, I could actually feel an interaction happening between the mother and child...

“Ma.. I’m almost out, try a little harder, come on Ma! You can do it! You’re the strongest. I can’t wait to be in your arms, try harder Ma!”

“I’ll get you out in no time, my child. Just hold on there, be with me! I can’t wait to see you either.”

Sounds absurd, yes. But that’s how you really feel in that situation. Hoping and praying that everything goes well, I stood there with my fingers crossed. One really has to see it to believe it, how a human body can make its way out of the uterus of a woman. Throughout the process and even after it, I was spellbound. Awestruck. Speechless. Flabbergasted. I could not believe what my eyes were seeing. My goose bumps did not come to rest for the longest of time. The lady was moaning in pain, tears in her eyes. But, she did not give up. After a few more trials and assistance from the doctors, the efforts finally paid off. The nine months, the labour, the delivery, it was all done. The magical moment had arrived. The baby was pulled out; she took her first breath outside the mother’s womb. That first cry of the baby was the sweetest sound ever. As soon as the baby became visible, all I could do was shed tears. I could not utter a word and neither did I want to. I just stood there, crying, enjoying the most beautiful moment of my life, incomparable to any other. What I felt right then is difficult to put into simple words. I could not take my eyes off the mother and child; I could not bring myself out of that sight. All I wanted to do at that moment was to hug my own mother. It is amazing how a life can come into existence in such a beautiful way.

As we grow up, we tend to take our mothers for granted. And it is true that no matter what happens, no matter where we are or what we’re doing; our mother will always be there for us. Be it a baby boy or girl, for a mother, it is only her child. A mother’s love is such that she would not think even once before staking her own life for her child, if need be. However, one does not really give much thought to what all a mother goes through for her child, before and after their birth. A mother is the epitome of love, care and affection and the safest place for her child.

I hope the little baby girl has a really wonderful life ahead.

"The beauty of a mother's love is that no words are needed for a mother to understand her own child."