Mastermind: Master your mind

Everything is there in your head

We have all been reading, watching videos or attending webinars related to well-being and mental health. Here is one short story.

When this lock down started it was a bit relaxing in this the beginning and I was enjoying it. Being a introvert I did not find it difficult. Gradually it started taking a turn. Living by yourself during this period makes things even more difficult. So, I thought I would assign myself the task of meditation. I wanted to do this in order to calm my mind and to be at peace with myself. 

I did not choose the regular mediation process (like sitting crossed leg, closing our eyes and concentrating on breathing) but rather I used Art therapy.  Art is a form of  active meditation. Ever since then I have been creating an art work. Now you might be wondering if I paint everyday, but no. There is a different art work everyday. The Art work consist of cooking, organizing, reading,dancing, yoga, gardening, writing, singing, painting, sketching, talking etc.

It is a great way to relax yourself ...When I engage myself in any of the art work I noticed a great sense of achievement, relaxation, no self doubt, no overthinking. This process leads to self-affirmation (increase in self confidence). Art is also a kind of Active meditation. It does not matter what you create but the process of creation indeed is soothing.

So, where did this all come from? YOU. That mind of yours is the most powerful thing. Your mind is your home. Your imagination and your will to cure creates magic called happiness. For example when you start doing a simple task such as organizing and scheduling, you will find a sense of joy, calmness, positive flow all around you. This in turn will keep your head, heart and home health. Don't worry even when you don't do any task according to your schedule, just getting up from sleep and making your bed is also a great start.

You can start with writing self-affirmation quotes every day when you wake up, just pick up a pen and write on the mirror of washroom or on the door or on your refrigerator. These self-affirmations will make you smile, increase your self esteem and release happy hormones.  


Keep creating,

Keep learning,

Keep loving yourself

Smile :)