From me. To me. With love.

A picture of me and a beautiful view

Dear Self

I know what a hard time it’s been lately. I can hear your thoughts when it gets tough. I know how hard you try and how little progress you think you are making. It is okay. You are okay.

The little outbursts of happiness are okay, being sad for a while is okay. Feeling very tired and needing to rest is okay. You are okay.

Live every healthy moment to the fullest. Let kind people into your soul, dance in the rain, love fully and unapologetically, read all the books you often feel too sick to read, don't  be scared to be in pain it will only make your heart kind, write all the time even if it is only for you to read, pour your heart into white papers, love the way your soul holds on through tough times, love your body just the way it is, your messy hair and especially your glasses, don't be afraid to fall, learn to love you battle and fight it gracefully.

Always remember the little kid you used to be. The little kid covered in mud playing outside until it got too dark to see. Think of that kid when it gets too difficult to wake up in the morning. 

Know that all the strength and answers you need are within you. Find the courage to look for them.

Be fiercely you. Don't shy away. Because you, you are perfectly wrapped in your imperfections. Darkness is temporary, hold on to the light of those who love you. The sun will surely rise again and you will be okay.

You are strong. You have always been. And I love you. I love you for all that you are and for all that you have been through and I love you for never giving up on hope.

I love you !

Kosovo (SCR1244)