"Me too!"- a poem

"change is coming, whether you like it or not" red text on black on pale

I heard someone make a joke again,

about it being her fault or the time of month again.

If you've got a pen you've got to write!

If you've got a voice you've got to fight!

for the things that make you mad,

for the rights you wish you had.

for the girls who don't know why it hurts,

for the girls who now hate their curves.

for the boys who got killed instead,

for the boys who then lost their head.

for the little kids who did not see,

what would 'come of accepting a sweet.

for the people who grew up believing

this is the way of the world we're leaving,

that fear and oppression are a medicine

we must ingest as a regimen.

Accepting it is a sedative 

that calms the rushing adrenaline

Every time you pass a man you don't trust

and every time your tongue is cut

do you speak up or do you adjust?

Remember your worth, in your hands is tomorrow.

You can raise the justice who'll nurse your sorrow.

Wont you seek to undo?

Or would you rather hear your own blood scream "Me too!" ?!