The Memory of Touch

Picture of holding hands. A depiction of Touch.

Who knew that 2019 would be the last year when we would actually experience touch? Who knew that in 2020, touch would become such a negative verb? Who knew that something which used to calm us a year ago, would become the reason for millions of deaths? Well, a lot has changed since 2019, and sometimes it feels like the time from 2020 onwards is a completely different era; not a good one though. 


We all would agree, that touch is one of the major sense organs, and without it, humans wouldn’t get any sense of emotions, right? But, were we prepared for the time when a day would come when we wouldn’t be able to touch anything, and it’ll be a ‘do not touch’ situation? Of course, we did not even think about it. The pandemic of 2020 changed, altered, and eliminated a lot of things from our lives. But still, elimination of touch from our lives was one of the major changes which affected us the most, maybe because we, humans, are too vulnerable. 


And now, it is so heartbreaking to see that all we are left with now, are the memories of touch in different beautiful forms. Now, we are left with the memory of someone who used to touch the cloth in order to know its quality. Now, we are left with the memory of a mother who touched her newly born baby for the first time. Now, we are left with the memory of a child who used to touch anywhere because it was fun. Now, we are left with the memory of a woman caressing her lover’s hairs. And, now we are left with the memory of touch, which was once considered a cure, and not a disease. 


Lastly, as Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher has rightly said, “There is nothing permanent except change,” therefore, it is about time that we accept the new nature of touch. Though, it is too heart-wrenching for us to accept this because touch has been the prime source of letting one’s emotions and feelings out. But, in order to save millions of lives, we must abstain from touching and from letting our emotions out.