Mental Abuse

It's an image with white background where it is written 'Being abused..was not your fault,isn't your fault and will never be your fault.'

Abuse of any form isn't acceptable and is equally awful. But usually, emotional or mental abuse goes unnoticed. Scars are visible in the case of physical abuse and the level of the pain can be assumed on the basis of the depth of the wound. Although that too doesn't give any justice to the victim but at least we get to know that something bad has happened, which cannot be known in the case of mental abuse.

Often mental abuse is neglected for not having visible scars. Those scars gets piled up inside the victim's mind which often releases in the form of self harm, self doubt, overthinking, anxiety, depression and many other forms of mental illnesses. Just because there is no physical mark doesn't mean the abuse isn't real.

A person can be abused at any time, at any age either by a partner, family member, friend, teacher or co-worker, boss, stranger, by anyone. Even the strongest mind can think about quitting under such conditions. And it's worse when victim cannot gather enough courage to talk about it to anyone. Even worse, when they finally open up about it and their words aren't taken seriously due to lack of visible marks.

Most of the time the fear of being misjudged, being misunderstood, prevents victim from opening up. Some feel that sharing their pain will put their near ones in pain too.Some just blame themselves as if it's their own fault. Many remain silent throughout their lives. Some manage to defeat it even being silent, some just embrace the pain and remain in pain forever, and some just quit their lives.

Abuse is when you are compelled to do the things you don't want to, you feel trapped and can't find any way out. Where you are being traumatized constantly and at every second you have to live in the fear of something. It's very important to check on our near ones and talk if any slight change in their behavior occurs. Make sure your close ones are comfortable enough to share their deepest pain without any hesitation. Always remember, being abused is never your fault and you don't deserve to be abused no matter how many reasons the abuser comes up with. You'll overcome it, you'll defeat it. All you need is to build courage and take a small step against it.