Mental health

There's always some light in the darkness

Mental health can be frightening, we don't know how to handle it at first, and it's very confusing. Most of us never want to admit when we're not feeling great and asking for help can be the hardest part. It's ok to not to feel ok, but admitting it to yourself and others is not as easy as they say.

We always hear what we should do and how we should handle it, but when we're "down", we don't want to admit it and we hide how we actually feel and act as if nothing happened, almost always.

It's easier to go to someone you know to talk to, or at least it should be, but we're ashamed of how we feel and we don't want to be seen as "weak" – that's the biggest mistake we can make. We need to understand that it's not a weakness and it's something normal, we should seek help, even if it's with someone we don't know, it can be easier sometimes. 

We should never feel ashamed of how we feel and how we really are, never hide it. It's easy to say, but not to do, but we can start from small steps until we make it and can start feeling better. It won't mean we'll be great forever, but it'll be better for now until we need to repeat the process.