The Mental Health Revolution | See It Coming

Mental health

We’ve got awareness, in abundance, I feel sometimes regarding mental health issues but we lack *acceptance*. Now what do I mean by *acceptance*. They’re pretty much the same. Pretty much-maybe. Exactly same-No. Awareness is easier to instil while acceptance can’t be instilled and can only be adapted. Next question, what EXACTLY does *acceptance* mean here, in my words, in terms of mental health? 

So by acceptance, I mean, the barriers and parameters we have built. Think of it closely. We still hesitate while giving people with mental health issues, power and authority (at different levels in different organisations). Do we not? We feel if a person has a mental health issue then they wouldn’t be able to be a good leader, reach global heights, be an asset for the organisation they work with. Basically, just because a part of somebody’s brain is afflicted (that too is a big word to use), we bar them from taking advantage of so many opportunities, both at national and international level. This is what I mean when I say that there is awareness but there is NO acceptance. 

I’ll give another example to state my point. For eg. A and B apply for a job (same job). Both are equally qualified and skilled. Both of them have a certain medical condition as well. A has diabetes and B has OCD.

NOW, the employer is more likely to reject B thinking their OCD will restrict them from being a good employee for the company. The same employer would probably not even pay attention to the fact that A has diabetes and diabetes can also have equally harmful affects, it can too restrict a person from giving their best at times, in the form of fatigue and soreness etc.

THIS is how mental health issues are looked upon so profusely while physical health issues are considered important but in a normal way. Now there are high chances, that this same employer who just rejected B due to their OCD, will go around talking about mental health awareness, not realising how he himself is a part of the wider misconception. Being aware and being accepting are two different concepts. Most people are aware about mental health issues but only few are accepting. 

Now what can the Mighty Organisations do in such a case? How do they play a role in the entire mental health movement (deemed to be, not yet there).

This idea i.e. the idea of a Mental Health Movement which we all see coming, is based on a powerful goal and foundation. The goal is to establish lived experience leadership which is very similar to what I tried to explain in the CONCEPT section.

The mighty organisations are looked upon as *ideal structures*. Encouragement from such international powers can be the gateway to start a whole damn revolution, a revolution which we feel is ongoing but hasn’t even started yet in real terms. The reason why I strongly believe international organisations are a super powerful first or one of the first steps is because whatever these organisations undertake, it automatically starts to get noticed and several other organisations (national and international) start to work on it. 

I’ll explain this with an example. The PRIDE MOVEMENT. Nobody was very aware about the Pride movement or the LGBTQ community. In the past few years, the LGBTQ community continues to receive the acceptance they deserve. Any person who disregards them or their rights is rightly considered uneducated. There are still countries where it’s a taboo but at least it is being noticed and worked on by so many organisations at so many levels.

I see job opportunities on the Websites of such mighty organisations that prefer people who belong to the LGBTQ Community. The moment you’re backed by the mighty organisations, the world looks up to you, it strengthens the foundation of the whole damn revolution. In the next few years it could change into a project/ revolution at a global level. And we do not ask for any special preferences, all we ask for is equal opportunities, not to be underestimated or looked upon as incapable. When I say *we*, I believe I can and do speak on behalf of all those who suffer from mental health disorders. 

For a start, this article reaching places and editors in itself portrays that the people who the world sees as incapable are merely suppressed voices, abilities, skills and ideas. This article itself would be close to enough to tell the readers that US, the people who suffer from mental health disorders have the power and the ability to perceive, think and portray ideas regarding any and all topics. All we need is a platform and equal opportunities and acknowledgment. We seek no sympathy, we seek accountability and opportunities. 

I’m 18 and there will soon be a time when I will be applying for jobs, trying to lead projects, I do not want to be disregarded on the basis of my OCD. As I said in all my articles, it is rather such a badass thing to have such turmoil in your head and yet go on with your daily life. We acknowledge these facts because we are direct stakeholders but it’s time this gets acknowledged at a global level as well.

I can see the Revolution coming. It’s time that so does the rest of the world. The revolution that not just talks about awareness but is inclusive of acceptance as well.

We’ve got awareness in abundance but we lack acceptance.