Metamorphism Education


Education was originally intended to raise a new generation with more knowledge and innovative thinking. However, the idea of "learning for test scores" is becoming increasingly popular among Asian parents. Malaysia, where I live, is a country where this kind of thinking is common. Some local parents have certain high requirements for their children's academic studies, such as achieving an A grade in subject exams. Considering the high demands of the parents, they all send their children to tuition classes that cover various subjects like Bahasa Melayu (Malay Language), English, Mathematics, etc. As a result, some children's daily routine is to go to school in the morning and go to tutoring after school.

Especially the students in Form 5 (second grade of high school), because they have to sit for the Ministry's official examinations, Education Malaysia, the SPM. SPM is the most important test in life for students in the second grade of high school, because it will influence the fate of going to a higher school or working in society in the future. Moreover, there are several subjects that need to be passed in order to get a certificate of completion in this exam, namely Bahasa Melayu, English, History, and Morals. Therefore, all parents want their children to go to higher educational institutions and find good job opportunities in the future in society. All children also have to work harder under the pressure of family expectations so as not to betray the cultivation of their parents and family members. For this reason, we sometimes hear in reports that students commit suicide because they are not under pressure to study.

This shows that such thinking should be changed now to prevent more young people from solving problems by closing themselves off because of the pressure of their studies. In my personal opinion, a successful person should not only shine through their performance but also be good in attitude.