Might not have meant it

Brooklyn skyline

Every drop that falls down paints the bathroom floor red

You might not have meant it, but they ended up dead.


Each thought you spoke aloud, weighed heavy on their heart

Unbeknownst to you it started tearing them apart.


You've always made these jokes, but never thought of what could come

If all the hate you spread around, finally turns their hearts numb.


You keep spouting out your words and believe that they'll be fine

To then suddenly seem surprised when you've pushed them over the line.


Oh no it was only a joke, they took it the wrong way

I didn't really mean when I told them that they should go away.


You might not hold the gun, but you're just as guilty as the shooter

For every word you've ever said was a bullet you put through her.


Every tear that they cried was a word that you said

Although you might not have meant it, they still ended up dead.

Far too many children around the world experience violence – often in places where they should feel safe, like their homes, schools and online communities. The consequences of  bullying and cyberbullying can be devastating and in extreme situations it has led to suicide.

If you are feeling sad or overwhelmed by bullying, do not keep it to yourself - tell someone you trust. And if you are contemplating suicide, know it is never the answer. Please reach out to a trusted adult or organization for help right away, many countries have a special helpline you can call for free and talk to someone anonymously. More information here.

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