Million dreams for the world we re-imagine!

Colours of life!

A halt to the world. What a new beginning it is, a start with a stop to the world, hundreds of lives and to all the merely players for whom the world was a stage! What a life it is now just yesteryear how this world was amid by beaming spectrum of joys and celebrations, countless issues, millions of dreams and ongoing business alliances, a smooth education system and much more. Look what a distinctive way nature has found to make us realize these all bounties we once use to enjoy.

 Before this we have only seen the world as a place with billions of faces and uncountable daily interaction between new people, surely it was a series of exciting and thrilling adventures but now all these are captivated behind these face masks , four walls of houses and in those isolation wards.

Never thought that something as small as this virus would ever conquer our lives and we will be left back as war booty. This new normal is a lesson for all of us. There are many things we have been ignoring all these years as we were so engaged in our own little world, we were designing or have designed for ourselves.

After this COVID-19, I have re-imagined this world as a place where every single person lives and does not only exist. Every person in this imaginary world finds their oases of happiness in the bright smile they bring on other persons face.

In this world humans are amid by positivity, they are the silver lining of every dark cloud, this is a place where words and power are equal for every body and they use them to make this a better place for every creature. Everyone here knows the importance of having relations in life, staying connected to people both emotionally and socially and so they respect every relation as well as, they do not hurt anyone with their words, they try their best to never let anyone down. These people are the helping hands and they never fail to provide their complete support.

These beautiful creatures are always available when anyone counts on them no matter what religion, cast, race, country they belong too regardless of how people were the victims of racial discrimination before. All laws in this lively place are equal for rich and poor, black and white as they all are one with only different names and souls.

This place is no more a land where rich enjoys living and poor only exist but now everything whether money, emotions or rights are smoothly and fairly shared between rich and poor with immense politeness and love. This sweet gesture never lets any kid sleep with empty stomach or any adult ending his life by his own hands due to poverty.

Here children are taught to dream big and they are provided with their fundamental right of education. Those small hands of children never uplifted any weapon nor are their souls burden with child labour adding on, these innocent faces are always encouraged to follow their dreams and to use their education as a weapon.

This world is build up by million dreams and all those mystical power one needs to change the world. This imaginary world is a dream of many people living in real world, who really care for the upcoming generations and the children present.

We all can bring this imaginary world to life by supporting humanity, showering love, standing against any kind of discrimination, respecting everyone keeping aside all the difference, understanding and praising thoughts of others rather than degrading them and all those good things which gives out positive vibes and contributes in building an human friendly atmosphere.

It all starts with a CHANGE! Keep dreaming and keep building your personalities so that one day we can satisfy ourselves as humans. Heal the world make it a better place!

World with equality and values
A world amid by values and love.