Mistakes don't define You

Your mistakes don't define you

Lying down and reminiscing on some things and the aftermath if I had dared to see through to the end

How i failed to execute some important  plans

How I easily gave up on some project I started

The books I refused to get and read

The articles I didn't start 

The impact I didn't make when I had the opportunity


The mood of this write up is not one of regret but a wake up call. Start those things right now because the best time to take an action is NOW!

Regrets and mistakes are part of life, but the focus should be the person you become after every downfall.

I wrote a professional examination late last year and I failed the course. The next few days after the result came up were challenging considering my effort and sacrifices.

But this experience boosted my morale and confidence, because I owed to the fact that it was my mistake that led to the failure of that course. I am a better person after that experience.

Our mistake does not define us, the person we become should be our focus. Failure is just and event and not a reality.