Mother Earth: Handle with Care

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Recently, a typhoon devastated some parts of the Philippines that caused severe floods, damage to infrastructures, and deaths. Many people suffered a lot during and after the typhoon. Cagayan was tremendously affected by the typhoon. Communities submerged by destructive flash floods, and the residents faced with concerns because of the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis.

As a concerned citizen, we should do something. It's never too late for an action. We should take care of our environment, and be responsible. We can start by planting trees, recycling, disposing wastes properly, and reducing the use of plastics that has a huge effect in the environment. By these simple actions, we could save many lives.

Let’s not turn a blind eye on this kind of issue because it is where our lives rely, it is our future. Taking care of our environment is also doing good for the mankind. We should stop destroying our home. If we don’t stop on our wrong doings, may people and other living things may suffer, and we do not like that to happen. We all still have time to save the world. We should learn from how other people who had already suffered. Let that be a lesson to all of us. Let’s not make another mistake again. This is our home, so we should take care of it.