My 1st Realization During Lock-down: Doctors And Health Workers Were Always Heroes

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During this ongoing pandemic, I now truly realize the vital roles doctors and healthcare workers play in our lives. As of this pandemic, we all hail doctors and healthcare workers as heroes, but they were heroes from the start, before COVID-19 even started. They ALWAYS put themselves at risk by treating patents with contagious diseases, not only during this outbreak. Now, they are receiving the recognition they should have gotten long ago. 

They are at their respective hospitals nearly 24/7. They wear the same mask for almost 12-14 hours as there is a scarcity of them at the hospital because there are so many doctors and healthcare workers! It is unimaginable how uncomfortable the masks can make them feel, but they are willing to bear it all for the COVID-19 patients.

They are also SACRIFICING SPENDING TIME at home with THEIR loved ones so they could help OTHER FAMILIES FROM LOSING THEIR LOVED ONES. If they are PARENTS, they cannot see their children for a long time as they are helping OTHER children recover from the virus so their OWN parents can see them. They are all aware of the risks and the disadvantages but still, they CHOOSE to do them as they are such SELFLESS human beings. They CHOOSE to study medicine, despite knowing all these.

In my opinion, doctors and healthcare workers should have always received this level of respect. It deeply saddens me that it took a pandemic for us to realize their importance. In fact, DOCTORS and NURSES are the ones who helped bring us to this world and they are still bringing babies to the world, even during the outbreak! Yes, they are THAT vital.

We knew they were crucial to our well-being, but we didn't know just how much. I've seen people blame doctors for their loved ones passing away and I, too thought the doctors didn't work hard enough. This is a terrible regret of mine and I now know this. The truth is that they give their all to make sure a patient doesn't pass away, but some things are beyond their control and they are absolutely devastated as well when they can't save a patient.

So, to every doctor and healthcare worker, THANK YOU! If you're reading this, know that we all stand with you. It is for you all that so many people are well and recovering. I truly hope you all can forgive us all for not realizing just how much you guys do for us all.

When we do not realize the importance of someone, we will be made to realize in one way or another.
Always learn to respect and appreciate someone.
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