My dear expecting future days and myself

A good letter always make me happy

My dear expecting future days and myself

I don't know that how do I start? But first I want to give a big thanks to my god for giving me a beautiful life. Now, first is that what is my expecting future? So my answer is that I want to do something different on this world. I know that it is very hard to do. But I want to do something different because I want to prove myself that I can do anything best to those people who think that I cann't do anything. 

As a girl it is very unexpected to me that a number of people of our society think that boys are better than girls. But now the world is changing rapidly, so the old thoughts have no place here in this world. 

Now I am passing a bad time amid of this pandemic. My school remains close. It is going more than one year. I am missing my school too much. And also my education is not going well. But this education is the fundamental thing by which I can achieve my expecting future. 

My dear expecting future days and myself, I think you are now successful to achieve your aim, as my education is not going well amid of this pandemic, I am really upset for this. But the main thing is that "failure is the pillar of success" and now I am the failure and you are the success. I hope that soon I will meet with you ! 

Until that I am going to do my best to achieve my successful future days and from now I am ready and get set go ! 

Loving myself