My dreams

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Hello there.

I am Matilda. I am a 16 year old girl from Finland. And I’m here to tell you about my own dreams, how they have changed and how they affect motivation, life and me. 

We all have had many dreams maybe since day one. And dreams are really important especially to kids, because dreams give us hope. Hope is an important thing in the world we are living in right now. Hope gives us something to hold on, and dreams are like a mental lifebuoy. 

I have had many dreams since I was a kid. I don’t remember them all, but my biggest dream was to learn to fly and go to Hogwarts, obviously. Me and my friends shared many dreams, like for example going to Hogwarts. Also we dreamed about concerts, trips and parties together.

One of the biggest dreams was becoming a veterinarian, but I grew out of that dream. My other childhood dream job was to be a police officer, but then I decided that actually it’s not what I want. Exercising has always been really big part of my life and when I was in elementary school soccer was important to me. I had this soccer star-dream, but it was never realistic. After I quit soccer I started to go to gym regularly and now I have dreams about gym accomplishments.  

Nowadays I want to be a human rights lawyer or at least a lawyer. About year ago I decided that “you know I actually want to go to law school after high school”, and in that moment I also decided that I want to become a lawyer. Well, maybe 7 months ago I heard about a possibility to become a human rights lawyer, and I was like “Okay this sounds really really interesting, could I become a human rights lawyer someday?”.

Yes, if I work hard and believe in my dreams, then it is possible but is it realistic? I personally think that it is possible but I have to work hard for it. Why I want to be a human rights lawyer? Because even though the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was published 1948, there are still people violating them. People are treating other people badly because of religion, skin color, sexuality or just because they see themselves as better than others. And that is messed up and so wrong. That is the main reason why I want to be a human rights lawyer. I want to make a change. I want to change the way we treat each other, and I will, I will at least try.

In my opinion, dreams are important. They boost your motivation to the next level, because we all know that dreams won’t work, if we don’t work. You won’t get a job, if you don’t look for a job. Do you think that Ronaldo was born to be good at soccer? No, he was not. He trained many years to become a soccer star. You cannot become a president, if you don’t work for it. I think that we can become almost anything, but only if we really work for it and believe we can do it.

If you fail, lift your head up, try again and fail again but don’t you dare to give up.