My experience of volunteering in Kazakhstan (project "BeKind" and "BeGreen")

Assylan Smagulov gives an interview to the radio

Hello everyone!
My name is Assylan. I live in the city of Karaganda is the mining capital of Kazakhstan. Population - 500,000 people.

My volunteering experience has arrived at 15 years. I was elected to a youth organization and represented the interests of young people in the government. I helped people with disabilities, orphanages and nursing homes.

A more serious volunteering began during a pandemic together with the UNICEF branch in Kazakhstan and the "National Volunteer Network" organization. I passed distance learning and became a volunteer of a project "BeKind" for the prevention of bulling. We conducted lessons for teachers, students of schools and their parents from all over Kazakhstan. I spent more than twenty lessons in two months, I was interviewed and next season became a mentor of this project. As a mentor, I coordinated the work of volunteers and helped them in difficult situations.

In 2021, I became a mentor of the project "BeGreen". It is aimed at promoting a careful attitude towards nature and the development of "green" skills among schoolchildren.

This is the first part of my blog.

In my blog, I will write not only about my activities in achieving sustainable development goals, but I will share my thoughts about important events around the world from the point of view of youth.

Everything is simple. Everyone share in what he is inside. If a child has a bad mood, he will offend and share a bad mood with other children. If a person is happy, he tries to make anyone else. If we help not only the victim, but also the aggressor, then the bulling can be solved forever.