My First Love

Books and a computer

I don't know since when I have been reading books. I guess, from the age of four. My family members told that I loved reading anything.

But ever since I remember, I read and I love reading. I loved reading anything. Just it had to be a book. Up until now, I have read more than three hundred books.

I am a fast reader, it doesn’t usually take me more than one day to finish a book. So naturally I was always hungry for books and it was impossible to satisfy my hunger.

I always love books, even now just seeing a book gives me pure euphoria. That euphoria cannot be compared with anything and nothings else can give me that. There were times when I cried because my parents couldn’t bring me a book from library.

The best thing about reading books is, books take me to another world. They help me escape from reality. I love getting lost into the world of book, feeling the characters’ feelings, being a part of them, laughing and crying with them. I love the lingering feeling in my heart after finishing every book. I love finding myself in those books.

There is a cliché saying, ‘Book is the best friend.’ I know how true it is. Even when everyone leaves me, books are always there. They are my true soulmates.

As I grow up, I slowly start to drift away from books. The books in my home weren’t enough to satisfy my demand. I get one, two or three books from library each week, but most of the time they fail to meet my needs. I am going through a transitioning period right now and my taste about reading is changing. I spent and sometimes wasted more time on phone than I should. It hurts me to see that I am drifting away from my soulmates.

But books are still my best friends, my reason of euphoria. I still feel more comfortable taking a book to college than taking a phone. Reading is the thing that made me who I am today. I am able to write now because I am a reader. They say that to be a good writer, you need to read more. So thanks to those books, I have become a writer now.

Months ago, I brought a book to my private tutor’s place. The place feels lonely to me, so I brought a newly-read book to comfort my loneliness. And when I thought of doing so, I felt that in last two years I became a bit distant from books. I am a hungry reader. And I wanted to take my phone so many times but I didn’t really think of bringing a book instead. I felt guilty. Then, when I took out the book from my bag and started reading, I felt strange. Because everyone else was on their phones or gossiping. I was the only person who was reading. Readers are hard to find these days. It’s scary how phones are taking control over everything. Books are drifting away.

But I will hold onto my first love, at least that is what I hope.