My first working place : Voices of Youth

Youth day

To be honest, I didn’t have a plan to join a community or publish my writings. I didn’t know how it would be like to join a group of people who share same thoughts. I didn’t join Voices of Youth with a plan.

But it has changed my life. 

Young people who write in Voices of Youth have interest in different topics. Different issues. And they are all different. It’s like a school where everyone works on their own subject. But we do it passionately. And that's why we can make a difference. Because in this place whatever we do comes from the bottom of our hearts. 

I never knew that writing was my spark. All my life I wrote for myself, I had barely two readers. I was actually a short story writer and I used to write about school, friendship and feelings.

But at the middle of this year I came across Voices of Youth. I started with submitting one blog. And then I saw the spark section and submitted three sparks. The journey began. 

When the third blog I submitted got published, I was inspired. And I started writing regularly. I didn’t know this part of me until I joined here. After joining here, I have discovered the possibilities inside of me, the dream deep inside me, my passion for writing. 

Then I was invited to UNICEF Youth Mediathon 2021. That was another turning point. I loved the session when we worked together, I loved the working process, I liked everyone's piece, I liked it when a member of our project constructively commented on my piece, and I am glad to befriend with one of the project members, who is much like me. I realized how beautiful teamwork is. And what a beautiful teamwork it was! The seven of us came from different sides of the world, but we never thought about that. We were one, because we shared the same thought and same goal. We worked as one. We made a difference because we did our assignment passionately. 

I have another friend from Voices of Youth. I loved her article on Love Myself, one of my most favourite topics, and the way she described her self-love journey inspired me to write one. Then I contacted her, and gradually we have developed a bond. It happened because we share same thoughts. We inspire each other.

Recently, I have discovered how influencing my writings can be. Some of my readers told me that my writing has changed their life, makes their passion rise up and inspires them. I feel honoured and happy. Because I want to touch people’s heart by my writings. And it makes me happy that I am able to do that. It’s possible simply by sharing my own story.

I don’t have much people around me who have same thoughts as me. Earlier, it made me disappointed, and I thought why I was the only one. But in Voices of Youth, I have found that I am not alone. I have discovered that a large number of young people share the same thoughts and problems as me. It doesn’t matter where we are from.

Working with Voices of Youth makes me confident. Before joining this community, my confidence level was so low and I was afraid to show my writings to anyone. I was so afraid to be criticised. When my writings started to be published here and I got positive feedbacks from my readers, when they encouraged me with their kind words, my confidence level raised. Now I have the faith that I can write well, I can help someone by my works, inspire someone, make the world a better place. I have realized they we, young people, have a lot of potentials inside of us. And we can be changemakers.

In his speech in UN on 2018, BTS leader RM urged us to speak ourselves. Since then I was searching for a place to tell my story. Actually for a long period of time I have wanted to be an influencer, a person who will be able to inspire people by telling her story. Now I have discovered that for me writing is the best way to express myself. And now I have found the perfect place to speak myself, that is Voices of Youth. Now I believe that I will be able to leave my footprints on the world. 

I am thankful to be a part of this outstanding community. I am thankful to have the opportunity to work with UNICEF. I am thankful because Voices of Youth has given me a place to raise my voice, it makes me grow, helps me fulfill my dream, makes me confident. It’s my home for writing, my first working place. 

If there are people in despair in front of us
We need to be the power to encourage their rise again
They would need a hand
From family, like us

Just like how the great strength starts from a group of small minds
I believe in us, as one family
Let's create happiness together
In this barren world
We'll be in love until we become the light

- Dear My Family
Voices of Youth