My home, an uncertain future

confuse, Africa, xenophobia, violence, unity, peace, diversity, love

I am uncertain

Uncertain of the future of my continent, Africa

Uncertain of the realities I wish were myths

What a devastating reality

Piercing my heart-tarnishing my actual existence


Shunning and shaming one brother

Spreading the blood of one blood sister

One own African blood

From Liberia to Namibia, from Nigeria back to South Africa

All around Africa, they say it's xenophobia

But I say, it's ignorance in disguise and disgust 


Leaving me with so much uncertainty of the place I called home

A home where the future holds no peace nor place

Not for adults, children, or my unborn generations

Am shattered, for what pleasure should I rejoice?

Over the cries of starving children-weeping from their fallen mother breast 

Yet they say, there is so much beauty in wealth and diversity

But I see blood from disharmony