My little time for someone…

Team work

A year ago, I found myself in a position where I really had a lot of time to think about my life and figure out what I could do better. Then there was a period when I lost several people in my life and was a bit lonely. I told myself that I want a change and I don't want to stand in a place where I don't see a change.

In fact, I have always wanted to participate in festivals and events where I would be a collaborator and help other workers. After all, I knew there was a word "volunteering". Yes, you heard me right, the word "volunteering". I researched for several months what it is, how I can get involved, and where volunteer opportunities exist in my city. I found a lot of sites on social networks and decided to apply to the main volunteer center in my town. I received notifications by e-mail about the possibilities, and that's how I started to do short-term volunteering. Since then, I have found what makes me happy and builds me as a person.

Furthermore, since I was little I want to be a teacher for younger children and that's why I volunteer more in places where there are a lot of children. When I spent time with my children, I realized that it is for me and that I have no problem when they shout, cry, or do things similar to what children do.

Today, I volunteer in as many as 3 organizations and each deals with different activities. I am most proud of volunteering where I teach children mathematics, i.e. we work on the material they did not understand in class together. I look forward to every time I spend with them, and creating content for them is the least of my problems.

World Volunteer Day is approaching soon, and on that occasion, I am talking about this part of my life that has changed my way of life and myself. I recently heard about how volunteering helps lonely people. Do you agree with that statement?

Explore the possibilities offered in your place and don't forget that if you take your time for someone, it means a lot to them and they will think about you for a few days, maybe a few years...

Me on my first volunteering