My Peace Message

Youths ,embrace peace as a panacea to nation building and development.

The purpose of mankind today should be to  inspire children and  youths  to become valuable advocates for tolerance and peace via education, talks and sensitization campaigns. 

“We are here because we know that literacy is the key to unlocking the cage of human misery; the key to delivering the potential of every human being; the key to opening up a future of freedom and hope. We are here to open a decade that must translate that hope into reality.” Kofi Annan.

Today's modern world is becoming smaller, integrated and technologically more advanced. It is also becoming fragmented, less peaceful and unsafe for present and future generations.

The world today, is that full of tension, violence, injustice, reduced tolerance and disrespect for human rights.

Gifted men and women have toiled since the beginning of civilization to end conflict and warfare without much evident success. Conflict and carnage seem everywhere thereby jeopardizing the much needed desire for peace.

It is in our best interest to make peace at all cost  for the world to be a better livable globe. Peace is that feeling that all’s right with the world. When all and sundry that is; governments, family, friends and neighborhoods are happy, eager to love, accept, relate and tolerate, I feel at peace. But today, world peace and harmony face various threats: terrorism, regional imbalance, economic disparity, and social inequality.

However, I'm born to a fatherland that faces some of these challenges in the form of armed conflicts.But again,as a people rich in culture and natural diversity, this should he our unifying factor thereby establishing peace.

I, and I'm sure many others have experienced deaths of members of communities and thousands of fellow compatriots killed in arm conflicts, but we learned that violence is the wrong way to solve our conflicts. Tolerance and dialogue is the big deal to  achieve accords peacefully, work together, reduce inequalities and rebuild the confidence between us.

In the new millennium, we must realize true peace requires a spirit of appreciation and recognition.when we appreciate, recognize  and embrace our differences then we will realise living united in diversity is not a contradiction of terms but rather a state of peace.

Let this international day of peace mark the beginning of a better world where right and obligations are of prime and the culture of recognition, dialogue, tolerance be our instrumental tools in achieving lasting peace.