My Reimagined World:A World of Kindness

World with hand giving heart and one hand receiving it.
Kindness makes the world go around.

As the world evolves, this era is identified to be a time of rapid technological advances, but I notice kindness has been abandoned. Cyberbullying continues to rise amidst the global pandemic, just scan the comments section on many social media platforms. Comments sections are full of negativity, troll, rude and hate comments simply because some are expressing a different viewpoint. Comments like that affects the mental health of many people.

In my reimagined world, I want people to realize that kindness makes the world go around. I want kindness to be a part of everybody's lives. I want all people to become an ambassadors of kindness in all social media platforms. As the technologies grow faster lets bring kindness into the internet in order to impact people in a more positive way. It’s easy to be kind in real life, but it’s even easier to be kind on social media. Just leave a positive compliment on a friend’s social media that takes a minutes to type may make someone’s day. Also, if your see harsh comment about you, just let it go.

Being kind starts with accepting that everything isn't perfect and realizing that we all struggle, regardless of what you are dealing, treat everyone even yourself with kindness. Be kind to yourself, self-care is an act of kindness. Spend time with your favorite hobbies. Remember, Small act of kindness can change one life forever. 

“Kindness makes the world go around.”
“Be kind to yourself, Self-care is an act of kindness.”