My "Unseen Wounds"

Me and my best friends shooting a documentary about bullying

Last year my best friend Selim asked me if I would be part of a documentary he had to shoot for his class. I wasn't hesitant, I had written about the topic before but never really talked about it to anyone especially in a video.

I kept postponing the shooting date for months and months because I'd just get so anxious thinking of all I had been through, nothing I'd wish upon anyone.

Than we finally set a date. Beautiful sunny day. I had my two best friends Selim and Enis behind the camera, them too listening for the first time.

I talked as my friend wiped his tears and I felt so supported and loved and cared for.

There I was, years after, talking so freely and openly about all that went on.

I had a documentary about my story only and it was directed and shot by the people who had helped me heal from the wounds the past had created. Whom I loved and adored for their kindness towards others. Whom I admired for making me feel so safe by their side as I knew these were people who had never and would never tolerate to see a kid suffer as I had . And I talked and told my story.

I was still a little kid the first time I was bullied.

It went on for quite a while and I never told a soul. No one knew. At school everyone thought it was normal, including me. That is why we must be taught about bullying.

Not just to be aware of not bullying others but to also recognize when we are being bullied.

Going through that leaves so many scars that you'll have for many years to come. I still have a hard time trusting people and speaking up when needed.

Living in that toxic environment for years you have to come up with ways to not stand out and to not be noticed in order to be left alone. But with time these ways turn into a permanent part of our behaviour and it continues even after you're out of that environment.

And it can all be avoided if we are educated on the topic. I wish I was but all I can do now is to tell my story and help others. The big responsibility belongs to parents, schools, teachers and society.

We really hope whoever gets to watch our documentary is more aware by the end of it and helds out a helping hand to those in need.

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