My Voice

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Our voices are important.

According to Arvo Pärt, the Human Voice is the most perfect instrument of all.  In an age where the organ of the soul is filtered by not one but several avenues of modernity, it is an honor to have a platform like Voices of Youth to voice out our real souls.

Everyone is privileged to be a voice instead of an echo. What is your voice all about?

Owning your voice might not be something you would think is easy, but once you get started, you can own the power.

Listen to yourself today, instead of following others.

I am excited to share my voice through this platform.

I am currently an undergraduate seeking my bachelors’ in Applied Psychology. My future career goal would entail being a clinical psychologist, but it is not the only goal I seek.

A good life would be being the change, and I see everyday as a greater opportunity.

Whether it is smiling to a stranger, helping someone out, or motivating others – I see inspiring people as part of the essence of life: live, to inspire.

I am a bookworm and love all things reading as well as writing. Poetry is a medium I have found to be really interesting as well as releasing. Creativity gets me running, because ever since I was young, I strived to be unique.

Today, I like connecting and being aware of more youth accepting uniqueness and leading out great change.

I have had a great list of achievements, but there is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone inspired by you, and flourishing under that inspiration and mentorship.

In a world where everyone is very ‘social,’ we still lack enough listening ears: it is important to raise your voice, but the importance of listening is never undermined. Together with my passion to advocate mental health, I discovered a website called 7 Cups where I have been a verified, trained active listener providing emotional support to people in distress. In addition, I have grown to take on various leadership roles on the site, allowing me to not only exercise creativity, but find an avenue of endless growth and opportunities. Volunteering much of my time and passion and seeing the results of pure dedication has inspired me to keep on impacting.

What are you passionate about? What are you currently impacting?

In December 2018, I graduated an Open Source Leadership Course after being selected amongst 2400 other youth globally as prospective Open Source Leaders.

One thing I have learned about youth in general, is that we understand the concept of unity. Voices of Youth is yet another platform where we can exercise unity, let out our unique ideas, and perhaps collaborate for change.

I cannot wait for this community to grow into a team bringing forth lots of change. Always remember:

“It only takes one voice, at the right pitch, to start an avalanche.” - Dianna Hardy