Nature Tree Dawn

Beautiful Nature
Pictures of our environment that keeps us alive and breathing!

Forests are where animals can breed

But trees are all gone because of greed

There must be something that we can still do

But do you care about the things around you


This inspired me because nature brings joy, and it transforms us. It’s is like magic. It is the most precious gift that God gave us and we treat our environment badly, putting trash all over the seas and in the grass.

It is time for us to look deeper into taking care of our environment. If we don’t care for the environment, animals will have no homes. We won’t be able to eat and receive food. Life wouldn’t exist without our nature and our environment. 

No change will mean deforestation, climate change,  water and air pollution, acid rain, biodiversity, and many more problems. Let's start to spread positivity, clean up, speak up, and take some action. I will always remember that one change will make a big difference.




United States of America