Never Be The Same


The COVID-19 era has been a wake up call. And I'm hoping that when it's all over, we remember the first time we smelled the coffee.
Why say that, you may ask? Let me explain.

"When everything is uncertain, everything that is important becomes clear"

I'm not sure who said it, but he or she was spot on. 

We live to praise certain professions...but they're the ones at home.
We live to get all we want out of life...and forget those who live in need.
We live and thrive on being in control...but that is an illusion.

Everything is becoming clear as day, literally, do you see how beautiful the skies are? We can't ignore the silver lining of this time.

How are you doing now has more depth, we've started to care. We miss the people we thought we wouldn't have, a twist in fate. We've taken a deeper look at ourselves, and there's no need for a mirror.

Appreciation is such a simple but powerful emotion. You thought you had it bad before? You must appreciate that time now. The persons some of us used to ignore are deemed essential and we appreciate them now. It's all becoming

A dose of humanity in an unprecedented reality. That is exactly what we needed. Some of us were living too comfortably with the "I" and "me." Now it's about the "we."

A small taste of discomfort has made us realise that we're all the same. Though our living situations differ, we're all human. Can we ever be the same after this?

I pray for the vulnerable persons trying to find their way when it's so hard to feel safe. They need our help. I'm thankful for those essential workers battling on the frontlines, they need our prayers and appreciation. 

A dose of humanity... it's all we needed, let us not forget!