The New Normal and Nature

A Scenery

Nature's beauty is a word we have often heard, and we even glance at its beauty. But, do we know its true significance? The answer is NO. There is a lot yet to be known about nature's envision and its creativity. Even if we know a few things, we don't really take them seriously. We take it for granted. Reports say that human activities are a major cause of habitat loss. Nature is our mother. We do such cruel things to her, yet she gives us all needful. 

Today though we are in lockdown, or we don't go outside that much as before, the trees, the flowers, the rivers, fresh lakes, mountains, animals, etc. are still glorying. We, humans, should certainly be feeling jealous. But, we are in our houses because of our own wickedness. But, one other fact is that we have psychology to pull out a better way even in the worse of a sin. 

We try to bring out our best even in the worst situation. Many people got to know their hidden talent after staying at home. Many got time to conceive on topics that they were avoiding for a long time. Many even wrote blogs showcasing what they learned from all this.

We indeed lost many loved ones, some of us even lost our jobs. It's certainly a disaster. But every bad thing has something good in them if we have hope. There is hope, that everything would go back to normal. There is a hope that our good times will come soon. All we need is just HOPE. Even if we feel that we have nobody by our side, we have nature with us. We have the trees, the sun, the moon, the birds, the animals all with us. They never will leave our side. When there is a big cloudy day, we can hardly see the sun. But that does not mean, it is not there. It will rise again, proudly spreading the sunshine. That’s what life is. When there are bad times that does not mean our life is miserable. For good times to come, we need to face the bad first.

The Gulmohar tree in the picture has got beautiful branches and flower petals gracing backward and forward, doing a little happy dance. The leaves are happily swinging in the air, singing the autumn song. The bright sun shining in the back is glooming proudly at the sunshine it is spreading. They have hope in them, we should have hope in ourselves too.



A Gulmohar Tree
"Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one remembers to turn on the lights." (Albus Dumbledore)