The Nexus Fluctuated

Walking on grass

April 22 is celebrated as Earth Day all around the world to cherish our mighty, tolerant, and humble Mother Earth. Hence, I would like to seize this opportunity to raise awareness about how humans have harmed Earth resulting in various unhealthy fluctuations in the environment and scarred our beautiful nature.

Here's a poem from my heart that depicts the scarred relation or 'nexus' between humans and Mother Earth in the present global scenario.

Nexus Fluctuated 

Grudging against the feverish urbanity,
Stood the helpless lanes of lively greens;
The mineral-mixed Adam’s ale
Replaced the stumbling jinxed streams.

Lavishly lighted modern heights
Veiled the faded mud bases;
The calm unheated refreshers
Transformed into vexatious burning spaces.

Abolishing the domiciles of races innumerable,
Left quiet the removed patches of dense conifers;
Savage needs that kill dumb, innocent beings,
Suggest the barbaric insanity human prefers.

The breathing amaltas attracted us
By their radiant color of summers;
Though acid rains have now drenched
The sunny leaves that were once stunners!

Let’s stand up for what helps us thrive,
Let’s turn up to construct a firm impact;
If leaped, the times wouldn’t be back,
It’s wiser now and not
any later to react!

Each thoughtful and sensible step that we take to protect Earth counts. Let's educate ourselves and others regarding various global issues affecting the environment and act against those to help heal our beautiful home called Earth.

Adyasha, 19, India