The Night School That will Give You Motivation

Mahakhali Night School


The year is 2016, and I've got some time after taking my High School Exam. During that time I got a chance to know more about my society, surroundings, and culture.

I started work at a night school as a paid volunteer, and the first thought came to my mind, most of the students are senior to me. How will I deal with this sort of problem? When I talked to the principal of that night school, he encouraged me a lot and said to me “you can teach other students, as they are more senior and maintain professionalism”. My night school students are not that serious about the grade, but they are determined to learn. They will take all that you will give to them. It doesn’t matter if they are senior or not, give your best shot”.

The first-class was quite shaky, as all of them are senior to me, they understood it very well. After some classes  I was eager to know some students' life stories because, as a social worker I always want to know the lifestyle, how people lead their life. So after the classes, I walked with the students and heard their stories. I will share the story of one student who is very attentive in his studies, secures good results in the board exam, and has to work to support his family. 

The struggle story

This is the story of Mahakhali Night School, Bangladesh where I worked as a paid volunteer. I am going to share the story of one of my students who is so dedicated and also hard working. He has to work all day, he studies during the breaks at his work. Don’t think his work in a better position. He is a room cleaner, and works in a Banani, a Bangladesh multinational company, basically more than one. During the day time he has to clean the officer's desk room and another room, sometimes he's sent out to transport some official documents. So we can say that he works as an office clerk and cleaner.

He showed much enthusiasm in his studies: he studies during the breaks at his work, he made small notes to keep in his pocket, and when he gets the time he reads the notes. At night he has to share his bed with others, his room is not a perfect place to study. But he is human, nothing is impossible, he still does it. And studying hard for his future, he wants to join the Bangladesh police. His life is hard and also complex. He was born in Jamalpur, his father was a farmer. But when his father died life become hard for him. Another important thing is that his family faced a natural disaster, which is river erosion. So he and his big brother went to Dhaka to start work at such an early age.

One thing I will add he got the talent pool scholarship in class 5. After an 8 year gap in his studies, he joined the night school in class 7, then in class 8, he got GPA 5. After passing the High School Exam he has plans to join the Bangladesh police. As he is a good student, obviously he can achieve it.


His life story inspired me a lot because for those of us who live in plenty, we did not have to work hard to get proper study facilities. Our parents provide us a better place for us and spend a huge amount of money. So we don’t know what the meaning of life is. But those students have to survive for themselves, their families, and undergo their hardship to study. And another important thing is that many of us aren't satisfied with anything, we need more and more. But my hero is satisfied with what he has in living in the middle of poverty.