No picture policy ain’t gonna be a problem in this museum

Relief in Borobudur that's displayed in this place. It's in tilted shape to represent degradation of moral that happens nowadays
My mom, sister and I in the relief of Borobudur that's displayed in this place. It's in tilted shape as it represents the degradation of moral that happens nowadays.

Daerah Istimewa Jogjakarta - Indonesia truly has its own charm and uniqueness with its diverse beauty in nature and attraction. I believe Indonesia is famous for the palace, Parangtritis Beach and Merapi Mountain. There are many discussions about these places and you can find a lot of pictures of them. It can’t be denied that nowadays people travel to have an Instagramable post, but as a result, you might lose the moment. In this opportunity, I’d like to share one of a kind place that might not satisfy your crave to post on social media, but it definitely helps you grow as a person.

The place that has a special place in my heart is the Ullen Sentalu Museum. When I requested my driver to go to this place, my driver asked, “ Are you sure you want to go there? You can’t take pictures there”. I like to go to museums and this museum had been on my list for some time. Then I said to myself, “Why should I feel discouraged to visit such a historical place just because of one simple, reasonable rule?”. So yes, I finally made it to that place.

The entrance fee is only Rp 40.000,00 or approximately $3, but it's more expensive if you are a foreigner. With that ticket, you can get an hour tour with a guide every hour. So if you’re late, you can wait for another tour so you won't miss any information. Also, you will get a traditional Indonesian drink.

When the tour started, the guide said that guests can’t take pictures in the museum because it’s a private collection. There are so many interesting pieces to be photographed, however, there’s that rule.  Now you know why you can’t take pictures in that place, it’s the regulation, not because there isn't cool things to be photographed.

What will you experience and what are the cool things in that museum?

In the Museum ULating bLENcong SEjatiNe TAtaraning Lumaku (The Light of The Lamp Becomes The Guidance for Human) or to be abbreviated as Ullen Sentalu, you will pass 9 chambers which tell a story of the Mataram period. You will see a lot of paintings, letters, and batiks.

Let me tell you, the one hour will pass so fast, as my guide at that time, Mbak Rossa did a wonderful job. She told many facts in a fun, engaging and relatable way. It makes it easier to remember the story. Those are key to making an interesting historical tour.

The tour itself is so interesting and I feel grateful for the no picture policy. It made me stay focused on the tour which helped me to absorb the ambiance better, instead of trying to find a good angle. Yes, there are moments when I wish I had a photograph of the exhibit to post on my social media. But well, you travel not just for the picture, right? You travel to recharge yourself, to get more insight so that you feel enlightened. But don’t worry though, they have space where you can take pictures and the guide will help you to do it so that you have a proof that you’ve been there.

My message to my reader is that don’t feel discouraged to visit a place just because they have a no picture policy. Let a lesson in the past makes you a better person in the future.

That one iconic gate
The gate that marks the ending of our journey in Museum Ullen Sentalu