Northern Lights

A beautiful bleachers at night wuth serene lightings

Title = Northern Lights

In the stories of Northern Lights
She heard whispers of the night
Of a one creature who's love is
To love another

She sat by her loneliness one day,
Thoughts on the book beside her bed
That recalls a time where
The world is divided
And people are intimidated
Based on true story it said
Turns out
It's the world we now lived

So she wrote to her books
Of her desire to assist
Her books says yes
Everyone around her echoes "no"

Our dear she sat again, now in a momentary laps
And shared her thoughts to the city lights
Burned her candle,
Just to watch it all sink

If possible one could dream and achieve
She would not like to be naive
And instead live, without borders
Dream, without judgement
Love, without discrimination

No perfect place on earth they said
And she believed, for she understood
However, she said,
We can built the world we want to live in
Hand in hand
And humanity shall echo our name

To echo theirs

And round around the field with breeze