When we blog, write poetry, sing and do art, it’s not about the rhyme. We are trying be a voice for the voiceless, to bring hope to the hopeless and help our leaders to make wise choices and show them that wars are pointless. We are trying to influence communities and open their eyes to the boundless opportunities. We try to show the value of genuine humanity and that progress is only through unity. We are trying to uplift human culture, to change people’s lives, show them that it can be done without guns and knives. But as we teach, we’re also trying to entertain, to get some minds off the pain and help revive the joy of humanity once again. It’s not about the rhyme, others do it as a pastime, others a profession, maybe part time.

But in all this, the poetry, the writing, the art and everything that people are doing to raise awareness and bring attention to stuff that matters, there is a common tone. That of love, reconciliation, peace and unity. Humanity is beautiful when we work together. All of us have it inside us regardless of where we come from, we know how to understand and want to be understood, and we know how to love and want to be loved. Our love and courage transcends not only cultural and geographical barriers but time itself.

And it is time to look around you and lend a helping hand. For all of us, there is some way we can help the people around us, the gesture need not be grand and we surely don’t have to be loud about it. We just need to look around and deep inside us, get up, and have the courage to get to know what is affecting people and what you can do about it. You could help raise awareness, you could offer financial support or you could just look at the next person, give them a big smile and say hi. You will find, I promise you, that there is so much joy in helping others.

But in all this... there is a common tone. That of love, reconciliation, peace and unity