Nothing is permanent - says the world


There are plentiful things in life which we tend to overlook. One such is the presence of your loved ones. We realize their importance only when they are parted or lost forever.

Fear of losing your loved ones is humongous. This becomes more complex when you have to forego your loved ones for the sake of loved ones. Humans are often struck by adversity so that we learn to be courageous and brave. During this adversity, there is still a hope of your loved ones being with you but yet you ponder over the negative thoughts of losing them. Gradually, when the hope diminishes, you become a "body" just trying to do the daily chores as programmed by your brain. The only option left is to let them go for their happiness. You begin to lose interest in your surroundings. Thoughts of moving away from your loved ones, shiver your heart, you weep day & night because it seems to be more convenient than to speak. You struggle to smile because doing so hurts your head.

People say that 'everything happens for our good', but in such a mental state, you wouldn't want to see the good because the idea of parting ways breaks you down from inside out. Such situations are more painful, but if we take a moment to take a look at nature, it tries to teach us a lesson. It says that there's always sunshine after gloomy night. Similarly, all of your hardships will come to an end. One would be able to discover this light when your mind stays in a proper healthy state. Having a peaceful mind in this hustled environment is extremely challenging. Take a moment to put all your emotions aside and try spending time alone. Find solace in praying to God or speak to someone who understands you. Weeping doesn't lead to a solution, but speaking to God/family/friends certainly will. 

Nothing is permanent, not even your problems. The moment you feed your mind with this thought, a ray of light would appear directing you towards the solution.

After all, life is amazing only when there are ups and downs instead of a dead straight line.