Once Alone, Now Included


One thing people want most when facing change is to gain a sense of familiarity back. And on the journey to obtaining that, the feeling of loneliness becomes a barrier. So when 14-year-old me transferred schools, I feared getting left out a lot. 

Throughout the first few months, I indeed was a bit isolated from most people. I walked to school alone, always the last to find a pair, and I just had to face the reality of being the new kid— which wasn't fun at all. However, that dreadful feeling didn't last for long. 

For me, it wasn't one incident that made me feel included. It was the collective experiences throughout school that gradually integrated me. Suddenly, it hit me one day that I finally felt included. People started talking to me, and they asked me about my experiences at my old school. I discovered a part of myself that was more carefree, something I lacked before I moved. These things may seem small, but as someone who was always carrying the impending fear of being alone, that was enough to make me feel whole. 

#WorldChildrensDay #IFeltIncluded